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Advanced Planning Concepts : Developing Incident Action Plans (NE-001-COMM)

This course is a two-day session designed to immerse the participants in the understanding and application of ICS forms, The Advanced Planning process, and several other critical advanced planning products and techniques. Participants work to develop an accurate, graded, Incident Action Plan and appropriate related products and displays while encountering a variety of stimulus that are experienced consistently in real world incidents. Course scenarios are based on the fifteen national planning scenarios and address both targets and tasks as outlined by the Department of Homeland Security. THIS COURSE WILL OFFICIALLY TRAIN THE PARTICIPANTS ON THE NEW FEMA ALL-HAZARD ICS FORMS (RELEASED DECEMBER 2010). PARTICIPANTS WILL ALSO RECEIVE A CUSTOM EXCEL WORKBOOK OF THE NEW FORMS ALONG WITH OTHER ADDITIONAL JOB AIDS. 

On September 11th 2009, DHS approved this course for inclusion in the state-sponsored catalog. Since 2010, the APC course has been delivered forty times nationally. This course can be conducted at the client location or at our home training site, The Disaster Management Institute in Aurora, Colorado.

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The following grants were utilized to conduct the course at a host agency location:

State Homeland Security Program, Urban Area Security Initiative, Metropolitan Medical Response System, Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program, Citizen Corps Program Training 

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L series position specific courses require host state and fema regional approval to be certified 

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Advanced Planning Concepts: Developing Incident Action Plans (NE-001-COMM)


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